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>   Crazy though, lying to your doctor.
### Happens all the time. I am a neurologist covering a large ER (or ED)
and there is a never-ending stream of bizarre folks with various
manifestations of conversion disorder, lying with their bodies, usually in
order to make their families give them the love they feel they deserve. But
it's difficult to lie convincingly with your body.

There was this guy a week ago having seizures for 25 minutes, nurses and
doctors all very concerned, rushing to help, save a life, ready to intubate
him again. I get consulted and saunter in, at first I think, hmm, this
could be real, then the guy very briefly, just for a fraction of a second,
looks over to me, trying to read my badge probably, and then immediately
resumes blankly staring ahead, as if dazed after a seizure. What a loser,
25 minutes of good-quality fakery and he blew it with one furtive look.

Don't lie to your neurologist, it might not work out for you.

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