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> If you surgically remove your eyes, and are put into a room with no light,
> then stimulate the optic nerve, identical to the way it would be when
> looking at a strawberry.   You would have identical knowledge of the
> strawberry.  What is that knowledge, and what is it that has the redness
> quality you experience?  This can’t be ‘perception’ as that requires eyes.
> It is simply conscious knowledge, the result of perception.

Perception of red does not require the eyes, it is equivalent to "red
experience" or "red qualia"; but that is just a semantic point.

One could speculate that the red qualia occur in the eye and therefore they
would be absent if you removed the eye; but then stimulating the optic
nerve would result in the subject SAYING he experiences red qualia, since
the language centres in the brain do not receive input directly from the
eyes and would not know any better.

Stathis Papaioannou
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