[ExI] ligo results suggest two different types of neutron star mergers

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> it starts right out with an obvious mistake


I'm glad to hear you say that, I thought I was the only one confused by that article. I could be wrong but what I think that badly written story was trying to say is that after the merger the massive object stuck around as a Neutron Star for several milliseconds before collapsing into a Black Hole. If that is indeed what it was trying to say, and it may not be,  that would be surprising because Neutron Star theory says anything more than 2.7 solar masses should immediately collapse into a Black Hole even if it's spinning very fast,  2.2 if it's not spinning at all.


 John K Clark 



John I have been working out what I think they meant and made a cool discovery from fooling with the equations, one anyone can do, without mastery of general relativity (well, kinda.)


Imagine two neutron stars are in a decaying circular orbit.  We can envision, even without calculating anything, a steady ringing signal as they spiral in.


Now imagine two neutron stars in a highly elliptical decaying orbit where at closest approach their combined mass gets you damn close to adios amigos but their mutual aphelion (apneutrion?) is way out there.  In the second scenario, the peri…neutrion(?) doesn’t change much while the apneutrion is reeled on in like a prize sailfish.


Wouldn’t those two have different decay signals?


Retract maybe it does require a good understanding of general relativity to answer that one, and I have insufficient mastery of the 4-vector calculus.


I think we need to wait for the next paper from CalTech.






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