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>>   Maybe you and I could handle just about anything, but most (?) people
>> can't.  They would be dying by the millions with free access to
>> prescription drugs and illegal drugs (though there would be no illegal
>> drugs under my youthful plan).
> I think "millions" is an exaggeration

I don't, especially if we're talking worldwide and not just in the US.

opening access to drugs should be accompanied by a comprehensive education
> program as well as facilities designed to foster safe use of recreational
> drugs

Only to see said education and facilities debudgeted by later government
generations as a cost saving measure.  (We still don't have sufficient
funding restored for mental health.)

people will do stupid things and some of them will die. That's a universal
> truth that we just need to accept.

This is true, but we can save some from dangers and stupidity we know are
unsafe, long enough to give them a chance of growing into responsible

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