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> Spike wrote:
>This is perfectly compatible with libertarianism, which recognizes that
> >prohibition is a failure.
> >
> >Living near San Francisco, I also recognize that removing all restrictions
> >on dope is also a failure.

So you (Spike) support restrictions but not prohibition? Is there really a

Being new to libertarianism long ago, I was in favor of no laws governing
> what I could put in my mouth, including prescription drugs.  Young and
> foolish, I was.  And just too naive about people.  There are people of all
> IQ levels who have no sense at all about abusing their bodies and minds.
> There are good reasons, I now know, for letting physicians be the
> gatekeeper re what chemicals we can buy.

There are also bad reasons, like pharma kickbacks and under-informed

>   Maybe you and I could handle just about anything, but most (?) people
> can't.  They would be dying by the millions with free access to
> prescription drugs and illegal drugs (though there would be no illegal
> drugs under my youthful plan).

I think "millions" is an exaggeration, and opening access to drugs should
be accompanied by a comprehensive education program as well as facilities
designed to foster safe use of recreational drugs, but people will do
stupid things and some of them will die. That's a universal truth that we
just need to accept.

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