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Spike wrote:

>This is perfectly compatible with libertarianism, which recognizes that
>prohibition is a failure.
>Living near San Francisco, I also recognize that removing all restrictions
>on dope is also a failure.


So you (Spike) support restrictions but not prohibition? Is there really a difference?


Eh, there seems to be no good solution to this.  Real libertarianism true to principle would allow anyone to do anything they wanted, but as soon as they camped on the sidewalk, that is someone else’s property, so they put them on a bus and haul them out to the central valley, adios amigo, good luck, here’s yer tent.


San Francisco (and Portland) seem to think they can supply the dope (and food (and to some extent shelter)) at government expense.  Dope has gotten better (it’s an evolution process) to the point where a segment of society will choose that lifestyle if it is offered (forget the old 9 to 5, go to San Francisco, be stoned until ya die.)




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