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> Scare tactics don't work.

Well... there is such a thing as evolution in action, and if  "they would
be dying by the millions with free access to prescription drugs and illegal
drugs" that might cause even the most obtuse to reexamine the wisdom of
their behavior. Besides, as a practical matter they already have free
access to drugs, in 2017 in the USA alone 10,000 died from crystal meth,
14,000 died from cocaine, 15,000 died from heroin, 70,00 died from overuse
of prescription drugs, 88,000 died from overuse of alcohol, and 480,000
died from cigarettes. Regardless of if the law says a drug is legal or not
it's clear that nobody fails to become a drug addict because they don't
have access to drugs with one important exception, people who are
physically unable to go into the street looking for drugs, people who
SHOULD become drug addicts, people like terminal cancer patients.

The war on drugs has done nothing but provide employment for DEA agents,
foster corruption in the USA, destabilize countries in Central and South
America and produce a multitude of refugees heading north, and cause
millions of people to needlessly die in agony from cancer.

> Maybe you and I could handle just about anything, but most (?) people
> can't

If in my last days I'm screaming in pain it would be of little consolation
to be told my suffering is necessary to protect weaklings from themselves.

John K Clark
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