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That is one way to look at it, however a compelling reason to discourage
> self-harm is that in too many cases it turns into us-harm, as the
> self-harmers become needy and destitute.  In California, theft of items of
> value less than 950 bucks is no longer a felony, so the constables won’t
> bother, well think about the consequences of that for minute.
> We have a local sporting goods store which will likely hafta close the
> doors soon, because homeless people can stroll in there, pick out any tent
> they want, stroll out with it.  Company policy (and good sense) dictate to
> not chase them (they have nothing to lose) so… off they go, and soon the
> bricks and mortar stores cannot compete with online sales, however…
> stealing packages off of porches is also fair game, and plenty of homeless
> are doing that for a living.
> The one thing that gets so much press is homeless people shitting in the
> park, and ja that is revolting, but after a while it occurs to them to go
> where there is TP, so they go into the local grocery store to that isle,
> dump a load, use the TP, stroll out, no functional penalty or good way to
> stop it.
> Live and let live becomes live and let die, but that soon evolves into
> live and let kill.

### These examples are just showing what happens when good people are
disarmed and are prevented from defending themselves against aggressors. In
a sane society, like in a Heinlein book, the store owners would have the
option of mounting the heads of shoplifters on pikes outside the store, in
addition to a panoply of less decisive sanctions. In a sane society there
would be hardly any shoplifters, and their careers would be brief, no
matter how little would be spent on the needy and the destitute.

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