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Eh, there seems to be no good solution to this.  Real libertarianism true to principle would allow anyone to do anything they wanted, but as soon as they camped on the sidewalk, that is someone else’s property, so they put them on a bus and haul them out to the central valley, adios amigo, good luck, here’s yer tent.


### Well, yes - real libertarianism is "live and let live", and this also implies "live and let die". I am not my brother's keeper. Removal of legal sanctions for using and selling dangerous drugs would certainly facilitate infliction of self-harm, and some people who are too timid to use drugs now might become victims of their own stupidity - well, so what? We may offer good advice in the spirit of the good Samaritan but if this advice is not heeded, I do not feel guilty for whatever happens. The only situation where this does not apply is of course children and other wards but that's a different story…



That is one way to look at it, however a compelling reason to discourage self-harm is that in too many cases it turns into us-harm, as the self-harmers become needy and destitute.  In California, theft of items of value less than 950 bucks is no longer a felony, so the constables won’t bother, well think about the consequences of that for minute.  


We have a local sporting goods store which will likely hafta close the doors soon, because homeless people can stroll in there, pick out any tent they want, stroll out with it.  Company policy (and good sense) dictate to not chase them (they have nothing to lose) so… off they go, and soon the bricks and mortar stores cannot compete with online sales, however… stealing packages off of porches is also fair game, and plenty of homeless are doing that for a living.


The one thing that gets so much press is homeless people shitting in the park, and ja that is revolting, but after a while it occurs to them to go where there is TP, so they go into the local grocery store to that isle, dump a load, use the TP, stroll out, no functional penalty or good way to stop it.


Live and let live becomes live and let die, but that soon evolves into live and let kill.



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