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I am quite sure that government agencies, for one, have definitions of
addiction they are forced to use. In medical areas one must have a
diagnosis before you can assign a treatment.  That doesn't make any of them
the only one, the best one, and so on.  You could probably accurately say
this about any mental health diagnosis - they change over time.  Not only
that, but the words used are changed, like from 'mental retardation' (which
itself was a change from 'idiot, imbecile, moron') to 'developmental
dysfunction' or something like that.   bill

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> I’m not sure that’s so. That there’s contention over an idea doesn’t mean
> one can’t offer up a working definition or even stipulate one. I hardly
> think there’s any field where this isn’t some disagreement about concepts,
> including basic ones. Further, I imagine the bigger problems here arise
> because “addiction” has policy implications and matters in public debates.
> And the term has entered common everyday use, which further complicates
> things. (The definition of esoteric subject matter can be contentious, but
> most times those debates stay within small circles of interested folks.)
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> Dan
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> There is no one definition of any kind of addiction.  If there were, there
> would be no fights over whether you can be addicted to sex, gambling,
> shopping, video games, and so on.
> Certainly some of the those people, maybe all of them, need some form of
> therapy, but to call it addiction is another thing.
> bill w
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