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> ### Every day when you wake up and notice that your house has not been
> burglarized and your throat has not been slit by bandits, say thanks to the
> thin blue line that stands between us and chaotic evil.
> I am very thankful to local police, fire departments, etc.  To the Army
> etc.  Those things are a very long way from secret police investigating
> rumors supplied by neighbors by kicking in doorways and terrorizing
> citizens.  We don't have that now because we have a Constitution and other
> laws.
### OK, so you agree with the first part of what I wrote about paid killers
being a much needed part of most societies. Good.

Kicking in doorways and terrorizing citizens is not secret police work -
it's open-face thuggery, irrelevant to what I wrote about secret police.

Now about secret investigators - what's wrong with planting an informant
among the Krips or the jihadis? Sigint is great but humint has its uses.

Of course, you don't want to have an organization so secret as to enable it
to hide its failures and corruption - but that's a question of oversight,
not whether secret activities are to be supported in the first place.

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