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Why in our day and age would we need to resort to the aspirin method. Surely straight men enjoy sex, why prevent straight women from enjoying sex too. And besides, if they don’t have sex until they die, so they can avoid pregnancy, I think that will make a lot of women unhappy. Sex provides intimacy, and we should take that away because why? Because we don’t want to let women tie their tubes.

And yes, having tubes tied is very difficult. They expect you to have two children, be married, and have your husband’s written consent in some places. Even in cases where accidentally getting pregnant might kill a woman.

As people who want to upload and/or augment our physical bodies, why is tubal ligation any big deal?

SR Ballard

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>> There are those who put up convincing lies on the Web, with much enthusiasm - and a fair number with what can be accurately termed malicious intent.  How would the public know which advice to trust?
>> And just how is that different from now, like in the area of nutrition?  Would you keep genetic knowledge secret?
> Not what I was talking about.  You suggested just posting stuff without need for doctors; I pointed out the need for some sort of certification the public can trust (such as some accredited institution saying "this person is a doctor").
>> Aspirin - are there genes for humor, spoilsport?
> Poe's Law.  I couldn't tell if you were being serious; I have seen people post suggestions that naive and be completely serious about them.
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