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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 20:26:15 UTC 2020

A friend my age, 77, needs aids.  He is aghast at the prices, which run to
thousands.  I told him never pay this much.  I did, and found out later I
was ripped off.  Everyone is ripped off with aids.  A hearing aid guy told
me that if everyone who needed one got one, the prices would be around $350.

So when mine died, I went to eBay, got two ReSound aids and a remote for
$600.  Middle of the line.  But the things is, the expensive functions
don't work that well.  They promise to shield you from background noise -
the usual complaint - HAHAHAHA!  Forget that and forget all those other
niceties.  Just get a recent aid from a top brand, Germany makes good ones,
have the hearing aid guy adjust them for you, and you have saved

I have bought many things from eBay and Amazon used and never had one
problem.  In any case, there are guarantees from both places.  You might
even try Craigslist.  100% of males will need one or two.  You are losing
your highs (makes me remember Eagles singing Desperado) if you are over 60,
and music doesn't sound as good, you are asking people to repeat themselves
(because the consonants get expressed clearly through the high Hertz
notes), and noise in restaurants in beginning to drive you crazy (That will
also drive you crazy if you buy the most expensive aids on the market
because noise suppression just doesn't work well at all.)

Don't get ripped off by the hearing aid professional.  Get tested, go home
and get on eBay.  Most older men wind up with aids, and most older men die
fairly soon, so there are many aids there in perfect condition.

bill w
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