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Good advice. I'm in my late 60s. I know older men with hearing aids and
their experience (dissatisfaction) matches yours. Although I am not yet in
need of these aids, I can "hear" the need approaching like hoofbeats in the

Mike LaTorra

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> A friend my age, 77, needs aids.  He is aghast at the prices, which run to
> thousands.  I told him never pay this much.  I did, and found out later I
> was ripped off.  Everyone is ripped off with aids.  A hearing aid guy told
> me that if everyone who needed one got one, the prices would be around $350.
> So when mine died, I went to eBay, got two ReSound aids and a remote for
> $600.  Middle of the line.  But the things is, the expensive functions
> don't work that well.  They promise to shield you from background noise -
> the usual complaint - HAHAHAHA!  Forget that and forget all those other
> niceties.  Just get a recent aid from a top brand, Germany makes good ones,
> have the hearing aid guy adjust them for you, and you have saved
> thousands.
> I have bought many things from eBay and Amazon used and never had one
> problem.  In any case, there are guarantees from both places.  You might
> even try Craigslist.  100% of males will need one or two.  You are losing
> your highs (makes me remember Eagles singing Desperado) if you are over 60,
> and music doesn't sound as good, you are asking people to repeat themselves
> (because the consonants get expressed clearly through the high Hertz
> notes), and noise in restaurants in beginning to drive you crazy (That will
> also drive you crazy if you buy the most expensive aids on the market
> because noise suppression just doesn't work well at all.)
> Don't get ripped off by the hearing aid professional.  Get tested, go home
> and get on eBay.  Most older men wind up with aids, and most older men die
> fairly soon, so there are many aids there in perfect condition.
> bill w
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