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re harmful laws:  Conservatives, who are the only elected officials we have
in Mississippi, are fond of punishment as a means of altering behavior.  So
they pass laws making possession of small amounts of drugs felonies, which
fill up the prisons, and since criminals aren't really American citizens,
they deserve nothing.  Prisons here are way underfunded and the present
rioting and killing (prison gangs) are one result.  We will get a federal
order soon.  To basically spend more money on prisons.  So they brought it
on themselves, as usual.  It will be painful, again as usual, since they
won't raise taxes of any kind, and so some agencies will get their funds
confiscated to follow federal orders.

Who wants to bet that the legislature will fight attempts to lower
punishments for minor offenses?  Of course they will.  To do otherwise is
to be soft on crime.   Repeating mistakes - as usual.   bill w

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> On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 11:01 PM SR Ballard <sen.otaku at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can’t you abolish the (current form of) police by just... cutting the
>> funding, and legalizing a lot of petty things?
>> ### There is no doubt that the regulatory state has been running rampant
> for decades, creating thousands of new "crimes" (like speeding) and the
> police do inflict significant social harm by enforcing them. Yes, in a sane
> world these made up crimes would be stricken off the books and the much
> smaller police, preferably private police, would only enforce justified
> laws. I would however say that this isn't an argument against police in
> general but rather an argument against stupid people voting to elect
> depraved and stupid politicians who create harmful laws.
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