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>  > *it's possible that we could identify a specific pattern in the
> large-scale networks, and show that it's necessary and sufficient to
> produce the sensation of the colour 'strawberry'.*
I don't think that's possible at all, in fact I'd say it's a logical
impossibility. You might be able to show that a specific network pattern in
a human biological brain was *sufficient* to cause a mouth to make a noise
like "*I am experiencing the visual qualia I experience when I look at a
strawberry*", or cause a electronic computer to print out the corresponding
ASCII sequence when it is in the corresponding network state. But how in
the world could you ever prove the man and the AI were experiencing the
same visual qualia, or even prove either of them were experiencing a qualia
at all? And even if you could somehow magically do that how could you prove
it was *necessary*, how could you prove that some other network state or
even something that had nothing to do with networks couldn't produce the
same thing? There are after all an infinite number of things that have
nothing to do with networks just as there are a infinite number of things
that do, so you can't try them all.

People are spending way too much time worrying about Artificial
Consciousness, I say just concentrate on Artificial Intelligence, once you
have that you'll get consciousness for free; it is after all the tactic
that Evolution used and it produced you and me and I am a conscious being,
you probably are too although I can't prove it.

John K Clark
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