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> Giving you an answer that is intelligent is far from having an experience
> like a human.  I think the default should be that only flesh and blood
> creatures can have experiences and consciousness.

Given that as a practical matter it's far far more important what AIs think
about us than what we think about AIs, you'd better hope that computers
default position isn't that only hard and dry creatures can have
experiences and consciousness, not squishy and wet creatures like a certain
bipedal ape descendant.

*> I don't see rows of 1s and 0s as having anything other than an
> electrical charge in their memories.*

Why do people keep pretending that if something is digital then it can't be
profound? A poetry book is digital as is a book of Shakespeare's plays, the
only difference is most computers use base 2 but books use base 95 (the
number of ASCII printable characters). And if that example isn't profound
enough the human genome is digital too, it uses base 4 (the number of DNA
nucleotides: A,G,C and T).

John K Clark
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