[ExI] Scientists Discovered ?Mini-Computers? in Human Neurons?and That?s Great News for AI

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*> The number of computations in any cell when you calculate the Landauer
> energy expenditure needs to include all the housekeeping calculations that
> any cell do. *

The housekeeping functions that any cell must do are irrelevant as we're
talking about intelligence and why the brain needs to use so much more
energy than any other part of the body of similar mass. Whatever the reason
for the brain's disproportionate use of energy it can't have anything to do
with Landauer's Limit because Landauer's Limit is many trillions of times
too small to even be detectable much less make a significant contribution
to the energy bill.

> *> That is a rather large number of computations, almost all done in a
> rather sloppy and partially reversible manner.  (Saves energy as they are
> at least partially reversible? )*

The amount of experimental evidence that the brain uses
reversible computing is equal to the number of theoretical reasons
Evolution would bother to come up with reversible computing. And that
number is precisely zero.

*> *
> *Get messy rather quickly. That's just what's happening inside the cell,
> any nerve cells that are highly active will also create a change in their
> support infrastructure, glial cells Schwann cells and nearby capillaries.
> Even more mess....*

Yes, and all that mess is exactly why Landauer's Limit is of no importance
whatsoever in figuring out how a biological brain can produce intelligent
behavior. Other factors that have nothing to do with Landauer swamp it to
an astronomical degree

 John K Clark
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