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So what can I do to reduce iron if I cannot give blood?  They listen to my
heart and hear PVCs and a little valve noise and won't let me donate.  bill

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>  Our biggest daily risks are real and ones we know well.  It isn’t
>> anarchy, it isn’t climate change, it isn’t even crime.  It is heart attack,
>> cancer and strokes.
> ### .... and ferrotoxicity!
> If I may offer advice that is *definitely not* medical advice and that
> does *not* constitute practice of medicine in states where I am not
> licensed - keep your total body stores of iron on the low side. This is
> especially important for men, who tend to accumulate much more iron than
> women and this even at the so called normal levels appears to exert
> significant and dose dependent toxicity, leading to strokes, heart disease
> and other major health problems.
> I started therapeutic phlebotomies a long time ago, and always try to keep
> ferritin, a measure of iron overload, at the ~30 ng/ml level, since this
> level is associated with best health outcomes. For those of you whose blood
> is not considered unclean (as mine is due to being European), regular blood
> donations are an excellent way of gaining potentially substantial health
> benefits.
> Disclaimers - The above is not medical advice. Do consult your physician
> before undertaking any action based on the above lifestyle advice.
> Rafal
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