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*> How complicated is that?  Way way way more than we can even guess at
> now.  Just sitting here my neurons are firing at rates of quadrillions of
> times a second,*

An individual neuron can only fire about 200 times a second and there are
about 8.6 * 10^10 neurons in the human brain, that may sound like a big
number but it really isn't. China is expected to have a Supercomputer this
year that can make 10^18 flops a second where a "flop" is equivalent to
multiplying two 15 digit numbers together, the USA is expected to have a
similar machine next year. It's not really surprising that the brain is
being outclassed by electronics, signals in the brain travel at a variety
of speeds from 1 mph to 268 mph, in other words at a snail's pace, but
signals in computers travel close to 670 MILLION mph.

John K Clark
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