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Subject: [ExI] height of frustration


Hippos running reminded me of a radio show…


He picked out an antelope and ran after it for miles and miles and the came over a ridge and saw a small herd of antelope…


Repeat ad nauseam.  This story wants a moral, so it is up to Spike or whoever wants to jump in here.  Repeating one's mistakes is too obvious.


bill w





Ja there is a moral to the story:  If you wish to outrun a hippo, shoot the bastard first.  Then run along at your leisure.


The story you mention about the antelope explains why herd instinct was so effective a defense mechanism against predators, and it also explain why humans were such effective predators: that range thing is important.  Humans recognize they need to carry water (and have the means to do it) for long chase.  They can organize themselves, chase prey for a few miles, then hand off to the next guy who will chase, in hopes the next guy will return the favor at some future time and chase a tired antelope your way.  Then share the meat afterwards.  Always share the meat with the guy who chased it your way.





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