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> *> The story you mention about the antelope explains why herd instinct was
> so effective a defense mechanism against predators, and it also explain why
> humans were such effective predators: that range thing is important.
> Humans recognize they need to carry water (and have the means to do it) for
> long chase.  They can organize themselves, chase prey for a few miles, then
> hand off to the next guy who will chase, in hopes the next guy will return
> the favor at some future time and chase a tired antelope your way.  Then
> share the meat afterwards.  Always share the meat with the guy who chased
> it your way.*

Evaporation is an extremely good way to get rid of waste heat, but prey
animals can only do it through the mouth by panting. However humans are
naked apes and can sweat and evaporate water over their entire body, as a
result they are much better at getting rid of heat when they exert
themselves than any other animal of similar size. So humans became marathon
runners not sprinters, they are not very fast but they are persistent and
can keep running after their speedier prey have collapsed from heat

 John K Clark
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