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Kunvar, welcome!


Do tell us something about Kunvar please.  Where are ya from?  Where are ya headed?




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1. Math guys don't rule the world because they're good at math, not people pleasing or policy issues or administration.


2. Math guys to an extent are in charge (ex: finance - algo trading, etc). Tech influence is on almost everything, which itself is based on math.


3. No single person has an influence on search or how the ads are shown. No CEO or even the top engineer at Google understands even a small part of even the search algorithm they use (they do far more than that) simply because it's already too complex to be understood by any single person. Algorithms rule the world in that sense, not people.


4. If you think about it, even the current world hasn't been run by humans for a long time now. The major players in today's world are super powerful imaginary entities, bigger and stronger and more powerful than any human - countries like china and US.


5. >In our world today, we realize it is a huge arms race for AI.  The first guy to create and control AI owns the world.

Check out the book LIFE 3.0 - it's on this topic and is brilliantly written.




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>…So why aren't the math people in charge, Spike?   bill w




>…They are in charge BillW.  People who hold offices and titles fool themselves.  Our world today is ruled by science, technology, engineering and math.  We even have a name for it: STEM.  The students get it.  They know who really runs our world.  spike




To expand a bit on that thought: the decisions made by the guys who run the big search engine companies, the big social media hangouts and so on have so much influence on US elections one could argue they are in charge, but they only select political leaders.  In our world today, we realize it is a huge arms race for AI.  The first guy to create and control AI owns the world.





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