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 If only Damien Broderick were still posting to the list...



Why did he stop?






Hi Dwayne,


Damien stopped posting because he was very annoyed at the incessant US political chatter, where USians appear to think we are the only country in the world.  Far too often we assume that everyone cares who is our president and what he thinks or does.   


We also lost Anders Sandberg and Eugen Leitl that way and several other valuable posters.  


In retrospect I partially blame myself for doing too little to encourage that to tone down forthwith and be respectful of international perspectives.  


BillK doesn’t hammer us with whatever Her Majesty is doing because it doesn’t apply to most of us.  Australia has a Prime Minister, but I don’t know who it is and don’t concern myself with Australian affairs.  So Damien didn’t post about that.  He and plenty of others would prefer we USians would return the favor. 



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