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>…  Far too often we assume that everyone cares who is our president and what he thinks or does.   



>…Ohhhhh. Fair enough.  I did a search but did not see anything from him in the last 5 or 6 posts…


None of this was recent.  Several years ago.


>…. On behalf of the rest of the global internet, I would agree.  But I'm used to it, so I just ignore it.  From where I sit it's mostly a religious civil war, instead of politics being discussed amongst civilised humans. Dwayne



It has become a disease Dwayne, a bad one.  Internet news is free but it still hasta make a living somehow.  So it sells ad space.  The advertisers can track how well their investment is working by noting which stories the users click on and how long they stay where the ads are visible.  They watch all of it.  So… news people note what sells.  It evolved from actual news into mostly political nothing-burgers and news of the weird.  They then learned to convince us that every little story has significance when in reality almost none of it does.



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