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Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Wed Jan 29 03:26:19 UTC 2020

Quoting Adrian Tymes:

> Good luck with that.  Certain topics are just inherently borderline  
> political, or politics injects itself over time.  For example, a  
> decade ago, who knew that the availability of clean drinking water  
> in the US would become a political hot topic?

To a certain degree water rights have always been a political hot  
topic, especially in California. But I agree that a decade ago, the  
idea that entire cities and regions of the U.S. like Flint, Michigan  
and Puerto Rico would lose their access to clean drinking water would  
have been hard to foresee. Especially for those who don't believe in  
climate change.

But Nestle foresaw it. And they are no doubt profiting from it. Who  
knows? They might have even lobbied for it.

Deliberate or not, I am deeply disturbed by this fact, and don't  
understand why there is not more widespread anger over this.

In college, a friend of mine once remarked that civilization largely  
consisted of "getting food into cities and shit out of them."

It was a sure sign of the decline of Rome when her government could no  
longer maintain her aqueducts and sewers. Maybe we should hold off on  
making America great again and instead shoot for simply making it  
livable again.

Stuart LaForge

Stuart LaForge

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