[ExI] were they ugly?

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What is more valuable:  keeping this chat content like it is, with the occasional political issues, or just banning politics totally and emailing the lost members and inviting them back to a new and improved content?


I would be strongly for the ban.  There  are plenty (!!) of outlets for politics.  And we can always email person to person and exclude the chat group.


>…Good luck with that.  Certain topics are just inherently borderline political, or politics injects itself over time.  For example, a decade ago, who knew that the availability of clean drinking water in the US would become a political hot topic? 





There is a way to do political discussions on a forum not suited for that (such as ours.)


It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but rather a guideline: do not mention any person’s name, no specific office, no political party.  With those three things out, much of the political discussion could apply to most countries and makes for an interesting challenge to write, and an interesting post to read.



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