[ExI] Ethics of cloning

Keith Henson hkeithhenson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 18:39:10 UTC 2020

I have saved DNA from about a dozen interesting people who were not
suspended (and one cat).

I might not do it, but post-singularity, I want the option to raise
clones of these people.  I am well aware that a clone will not be the
person, but to a considerable extent, personality comes from genes.
They should be interesting people.

The problem is that I am not sure of the ethics involved.  I assume
their DNA will be cleaned of the various problems that caused them to
die early or caused them medical problems.

Having children is a random crapshoot, you have no idea of what you
will get, except that (on average) exceptional parents will have
children that are closer to the norm (classical regression to the
mean).  With clones, you have a much better idea of what you are going
to get.

Still, the idea needs thinking about.  Does a person who raises clones
have more responsibility than those who have children?


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