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I want to show you something you may never see again, for I have been an
occasional visitor to Stanford Medical Center for 31 years and never saw it
until yesterday.  I estimate about 50 trips up there total in that time,
using this parking structure to donate blood or when it is time to see a
doctor.  I went up there yesterday for my bi-annual eye appointment.

This photo was taken right at the bottom of the ramp from the MAIN ENTRANCE
to that structure for Stanford Med, no kidding the main entrance.  Usually
one takes the first available parking space, but often one doesn't even slow
down here because there are never any available parking spaces this close to
the entrance.  You need to go down a level and even then good luck in
finding even one space waaaaay the hell and gone in back.

Yesterday, I went in, 0930 most of the spaces were open.  So. I parked.
Having never seen this in 31 years, I took this photo.

OK then.  I went in, discovered the hospital is mostly deserted.  A few
patients here and there.  Nothing like the usual level, just extremely low
crowds.  I checked in about 20 minutes early, they took me right in because
no one was waiting.  They did their thing, my eyes are fine for another two

This is Stanford Medical, always brimming with proles.  Yesterday, no crowds

A thought occurred to me.  Plenty of people, especially the older ones, need
constant tweaking and adjusting to their medications, blood work,
measurements, coaching by doctors and experts, tweaking and such.  Both my
father in law and mother, both 80, need to see doctors approximately as
often as the moon is new.  Both suddenly stopped doing that with the

Question please: how many will die, not from the virus but from fear of
catching the virus convinces them to not see their doctor?  How do we count





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