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English language problem:  we say things like 'don't do too much of that'.  There's got to be a better way:  too much is by definition too much.  So saying 'don't do too much' is really kind of an insult.  As if someone would intentionally overdo something (written by a person who continuously overdoes everything).  I can't seem to think of a better way, but I am sure that someone here will.  bill w






Perhaps I overshot just a bit with the fleeing maggots and such.  I do too much of that.


If too much screen time is harmful, I would be a drooling idiot by now, which didn’t happen.  I scarcely drool at all, or if so, only occasionally.


Of course I am in favor of internet welfare, for that is a form of welfare which really does offer great value to both the individual and society.


I don’t know what to do about the 15% of students who treat online school as an extended vacation.  Suggestions welcome, for we have a committee on that too.  I am not on that one, but I am here to help all of them.




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