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>>>…Question please: how many will die, not from the virus but from fear of catching the virus convinces them to not see their doctor?  How do we count them?


>>… How many? Who knows. But, a LOT. We already see some indications of that from NYC. 

SR Ballard



>…Hi SR, in the USA, we counted patients who died WITH the virus as having died OF the virus.  But the who fled from medical care are those who indirectly died OF the virus but not WITH the virus.


>…If so, we didn’t overcount the covid death rate, we undercounted it.





I am hearing reliable rumors that the huge spike (no relation) in covid cases in California is being traced to bars.  They re-opened just in the incubation period which would explain it.


OK then, well, that would make sense, particularly in college town bars which are swingin’ places (from what I hear (I went to college in a dry county.))  If it is about bars, this is good news in a way.  Reasoning: states are pretending they have the authority to make people wear masks.  They don’t, the Fed doesn’t, neither have the authority to make anyone wear one.  On state property they do, which might apply to state colleges, but only if the bar is on the campus.  States damn well do control with almost arbitrary authority liquor licenses.  Bars owners are law-abiding sorts.  


I don’t know, but think about this:  Crowded bars, lots of singles eager to get friendly, loud music, they need to get into each other’s faces and raise their voices.  Of course that is going to spread the virus.  Masks would probably help some I suppose, but what if… we could talk the bars into just turning off the damn music until the contagion has passed?  Then the only question remains one which the college hipster crowd among us might know: without loud music, could collegians still effectively negotiate copulation?




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