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>…  Crowded bars, lots of singles eager to get friendly, loud music, they need to get into each other’s faces and raise their voices.  Of course that is going to spread the virus.  Masks would probably help some I suppose, but what if… we could talk the bars into just turning off the damn music until the contagion has passed?  Then the only question remains one which the college hipster crowd among us might know: without loud music, could collegians still effectively negotiate copulation?






OK cool I have an idea.  


Some things never change: young singles, at the peak of their drive and attractiveness, of course they are going to meet at the bars and negotiate copulation, human nature.  OK then, we convince the bars to turn off the music so the negotiators need not get so close and need not raise their voices, good, step 1.  


Next… use those Apple AirPods which hang in the ears, let the bar patrons BlueTooth to each other, so that the swingles can negotiate at an even lower volume and lower risk than in a normal crowded room.  Or… somehow affix a device to the jaw with a tape-like adhesive so that it picks up vibrations directly and BlueTooths the discussion to the person being seduced, so that they can negotiate very quietly.  


We could do point to point transmission by having a ring that controls the device: the participants touch rings, their voice transmitter receiver devices are connected, they are free to negotiate copulation, quietly and discretely, while still maintaining the festive atmosphere, for they ear devices can blast loud angry music directly to the user when he or she has no partner in communication at that moment.  It would be the modern version of seduction.  Doesn’t it sound so romantic?


Sheesh I am so glad I am married, oh mercy.  I would suck at being single today.  I wasn’t even any good at it back in the olden days when at least I kinda understood the rules and liked the music better.



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