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Fri Jul 3 04:00:59 UTC 2020

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> Question please: how many will die, not from the virus but from fear of
catching the virus convinces them to not see their doctor?  How do we count

The NEJM was discussing this in the issue out today.  I don't think a
URL will work, but I might be able to cut, paste, and email the
article in the unlikely event someone wants to read it.  It was a
detailed description of a case of a woman with breast cancer who will
not get needed surgery due to COVID-19 and what a video conference of
doctors proposes as alternatives.

After this is over, we can count the excess cancer deaths.  They might
well run higher than the direct deaths from the virus.

Right now deaths are lagging behind cases.  That's partly due to the
old folks staying home and the young going off to super spreader

For John Clark, the next milestone will be when the number of dead
exceeds the civil war casualties, something around 850,000.  Given
that 1.1 million was the bottom of one set of estimates, it seems
fairly likely.


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