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> We have few levers government can pull in the US, but one of them is to shut down the bars, because states do hold a lot of arbitrary power over liquor licenses.  We have pretty solid evidence those are super-spreaders, so… close em now.  Society can go on without them, and if some go out of business, new ones will arise after the crisis.
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Tomorrow, 4th July, England is reopening all the bars!
After months of abstinence it is expected that half the nation will be seriously inebriated by around 4 pm. Survivors will stagger to music and night club bars for the evening rave party. Masks very optional, as shouting over loud music will be required. Of course it is well-known that consuming large quantities of alcohol is very helpful in following complicated rules about social distancing, hand-washing, no hugging, etc.
Either the virus has disappeared or the results will be very predictable.



BillK, I understand 4 July is the official anniversary of a little misunderstanding the colonies had with His Majesty.  {8-]

I too fear reopening bars is a really bad idea, and I oppose this while recognizing that I am one who has no dog in that fight, for I do not patronize them.  In the states, those liquor licenses are an area where the government is nearly dictatorial: there are rules that must be met at the state, county and city levels.  As I understand it, if any one of those three levels of government choose to suspend an on-site license, they can do it.  I am not speaking from experience for I have never been in a nightclub, but I am told by reliable sources that it is the ideal environment for spreading disease.

On the other hand, on-site liquor sales are taxed at all three of those levels (plus the federal government) so all three (or four if we include the Fed) of those organizations have a vested interest in keeping them open.

In the recent California case spike (no relation) we are seeing a lot more new cases in young healthy people which points to protest rallies and bars.  We can shut down bars, but we cannot shut down protest rallies.  Oy vey, mercy.


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