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>>>… If he just said there should be a mandate that people wear a virus mask when in public, people would do it…John


>>…On the contrary, the POTUS has no authority to mandate wearing masks  spike


>…I think John has an excellent idea.  If POTUS said that there should be a mandate (and never mind that he can't issue one) for masks, then some of his followers would start doing it.  Even better if he would start too, but you can't have everything.  bill w




Ja.  Apparently masks don’t do much if everyone is outdoors.  This makes sense if we think thru the mechanics of viral transmission.  Good chance it is analogous to odors.  If someone at a picnic is devouring durian outdoors, particularly on a breezy day, one scarcely notices.  Indoors, oy vey I don’t even want to be in the same house with it.  The odor will make you barf.  Tailanders claim it smells sweet to them.  Mercy.


If I carry the lesson over, I would think masks probably help for indoor activities, but probably don’t make much difference outdoors.  So, I wear one any time I am indoors other than my house, put it on every time I cross a threshold going in.


I am having a hard time imagining any legislature passing a law mandating masks, or even if they did, any judiciary would uphold it.  In California we have long debated if the government can mandate that people wear clothing, and if so, are the requirements different for men and women, and if so, how are the terms “men” and “women” to be defined.  This last one we don’t know.



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