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*>  I didn’t jump to anyone’s defense.  Pointing out that POTUS has no
> jurisdiction in this case isn’t defending POTUS.*

You're excusing POTUS's dereliction of duty. The virus has outsmarted Trump
at every turn, he even gave the virus a silly nickname (kung flu) because
that strategy worked so well against his political opponents, but to his
surprise this time it didn't work, the virus remained unflustered. So Trump
is out of ideas, he's in way over his head so he just throws up his hands
and says there's nothing I can do so I don't want to talk or hear about it
ever again, and then he goes out and plays golf or does what he's really
good at, turning on Fox News and watching sycophants fawn over him.

> > *The rioters and BLM demonstrators are generally not wearing masks
> already.*

It's true that not all of them wore masks and they should have, but the
percentage was much higher than at the Trump rallies, and at least the BLM
people were outdoors.

> *> The guy in the video can’t do much of anything, because he isn’t a
> governor, only a POTUS.  POTUS doesn’t have the authority a governor has in
> this case*

And for similar reasons Franklin Roosevelt said in a famous speech:

"*Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the
Territory of Hawaii was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air
forces of the Empire of Japan. I'm sure I speak for all Americans when I
say I wish the Hawaiians the very best of luck in the difficult struggle
they have before them**.*"

> > *(Bill of Rights, Amendments 9 and 10.)*

If what you say is true and the constitution renders the federal government
powerless to protect its citizens from a global virus epidemic as every other
advanced technological country in the world has managed to do then that is
an admission that the constitution of the United States is a complete
failure and is nothing but a worthless scrap of paper. But I don't really
think the constitution is worthless, I think the current POTUS is
worthless. Protecting its citizens is the entire point of having a federal
government, but Trump is more interested in protecting statues of long dead
American traitors.

>* the pandemic is not a left-right issue,*

As long as Trump thinks wearing a virus protection mask is a political sign
of personal dissatisfaction with him and as long as extreme right wing
Republicans (the only type of Republican there is anymore) think that
of the Church of Secular Science bow to the Gods of Data by wearing a mask
as their symbol, demonstrating that they are the elite; smarter, more
rational, and morally superior to everyone else*" then like it or not the
virus epidemic has very much become a left-right issue. And respect for the
truth has also become a left-right issue.

John K Clark
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