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>>  I didn’t jump to anyone’s defense.  Pointing out that POTUS has no jurisdiction in this case isn’t defending POTUS.


>…You're excusing POTUS's dereliction of duty…


POTUS has no jurisdiction in how states run their response to the crisis.


>…The virus has outsmarted Trump at every turn…


POTUS has no jurisdiction in how states run their response to the crisis.


>… So Trump is out of ideas, he's in way over his head…


Irrelevant.  POTUS has no jurisdiction in how states run their response to the crisis.


>…so he just throws up his hands and says there's nothing I can do…


There is nothing he can do.  POTUS has no jurisdiction in this.  To do something is to seize dictatorial powers.


None of that is defense of anyone at the national level.



>…And for similar reasons Franklin Roosevelt said in a famous speech: 


"Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the Territory of Hawaii was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. I'm sure I speak for all Americans when I say I wish the Hawaiians the very best of luck in the difficult struggle they have before them."


Ja.  Do you see the difference between a military attack by a foreign military and an attack by a virus?  POTUS commands the military.  POTUS can do that legally, but he military cannot shoot  a virus.  To do what it sounds like you expect would require POTUS to assume dictatorial powers, which POTUS cannot legally do.



> (Bill of Rights, Amendments 9 and 10.)


>…If what you say is true and the constitution renders the federal government powerless to protect its citizens from a global virus epidemic…


YES!  JA!  John, you are right on with that comment.  The United States of America is a collection of state governments working together for the common defense and the other things.  The Fed can restrict international travel, but really not a lot beyond that.  It cannot dictate to the states how they will run their business.


>… as every other advanced technological country in the world has managed to do then that is an admission that the constitution of the United States is a complete failure…


No it is a complete success.  Some states have been a complete failure, and I would point to New York.


>… and is nothing but a worthless scrap of paper…


On the contrary.  It is a piece of paper which prevents the federal government from becoming a dictatorship.


>… I think the current POTUS is worthless…


Well then, aren’t you glad POTUS doesn’t run the show?


>… Protecting its citizens is the entire point of having a federal government…


It does protect its citizens from foreign invaders.  Virus protection is done at the state level, because states have a lot more resources available for raising funds than does the Federal government.



>> the pandemic is not a left-right issue,


>…As long as Trump thinks… And respect for the truth has also become a left-right issue.  John K Clark


It doesn’t matter what POTUS thinks, for he is not a governor, and has no jurisdiction in how states run their business.  This is not a defense of anyone, it is our legal system.  To seize dictatorial powers in response to a crisis is to seize dictatorial powers.


Notice how I wrote all of that with no political content, none.  Do ye likewise please. 


The pandemic is not an opportunity, it is a crisis.    



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