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>  The American Civil War, however, was really about The South breaking away to preserve its slave system. 
> Dan
> Which of course means it was really about money - the money they had spent on the slaves and the money they would have to pay them to pick cotton.  No question.  Money.
> bill w

It’s interesting to put it that way because philosopher Roderick Long pointed out that before the war, the North was anti-slavery but also fairly mercantilist (anti-free trade) while they South was pro-slavery yet pro-free trade. This seems like a contradiction. Long opined that since slavery wasn’t central to the North’s economy (or its ruling class), it could afford to be anti-slavery, but manufacturing was central so manufacturing business elites didn’t want European goods competing against them, so they were against free trade. (The GOP was also anti-free trade at the time it formed and remained so for much of its history.)

The South (or its ruling class) on the other hand saw slavery as central, abolition was off the table. However, the South didn’t have a huge manufacturing sector, so being pro-free trade didn’t threaten many established interests.


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