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Wow, not sure how denying reality fits in with your scientific method, but
we most certainly do have a representative democracy based upon a universal
definition of the term.  As has been discussed ad infinitum here, there is
a good reason for the electoral college.  We are the United *States* of
America, where states have formed an umbrella organization with limited
power (although this is sadly no longer true) and still maintain their
rights to govern their own state and have a say in how the umbrella is

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> > *Spike, based on his many posts on this list, I don't get the
>> impression John is a fan of Constitutional Republics or representative
>> democracy. *
> The USA doesn't have a representative democracy and never did, instead it
> has an Electoral College; or to paraphrase George Orwell, everybody is
> represented but some people are more represented than others.
> John K Clark
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