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*> there is a good reason for the electoral college. We are the United
> States of America, where states have formed an umbrella organization with
> limited power (although this is sadly no longer true) and still maintain
> their rights to govern their own state and have a say in how the umbrella
> is managed.*

And obviously the only way that could be accomplished is if a Wyoming voter
has 66.7 times as much representation as a California voter. Come on Dylan,
I've heard lots of reasons offered on this list to excuse the idiotic
electoral college but every single one of them is a variation on the exact
same theme, namely that's just the way it's always been done. And we both
know if California's population largely consisted of conservative right
wing gun nuts and Wyoming was full of liberal left-wing tree huggers then
your enthusiasm for the electoral college would be far far more muted.

John K Clark
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