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(spike) >>> Ja.  Do you see the difference between a military attack by a
foreign military and an attack by a virus?

>John) >> No.

>>... We do.

>...Please don't speak for me...

My apologies Keith.

>...I tend to agree with John...

No worries, you are so pleasant about it and refrain from campaigning in the
wrong place.  I don't necessarily disagree with John either on some things.
I definitely disagree on the value of the US system: in my view it's great.
It prevents totalitarianism.

>...Both require rational leadership which we did not get from the person
who is supposed to be the leader.


Ja I am told this, but in my view POTUS isn't a leader, and I don't suppose
that that office should be a leader.  POTUS is a politician.  

An example of a leader would be people like Sal Khan, Elon Musk, Bill Gates,
Peter Thiel, those kinda guys.  They had a vision, they carried it out, they
led others to do great things, cool stuff happened.  None of these guys are
politicians, they are leaders.


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