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>* I don't necessarily disagree with John either on some things. I
> definitely disagree on the value of the US system: in my view it's great.
> It prevents totalitarianism.*

But apparently it can't prevent mass death from COVID-19 virus attacks as
other countries can. It can't prevent spending far *FAR* more per capita on
healthcare than any other country on this planet but nevertheless only
having the 38th longest life expectancy. It can't prevent our
"representative democracy" giving some people 66.7 times more
representation than other people. In the final analysis the only rationale
to defend any of this is always just a variation of the "that's the way
it's always been done" theme; we can't change the way things are done
because that's the way things have always been done.

*> It prevents totalitarianism.*

In the country's entire 250 year history I don't think it's ever been
closer to complete totalitarianism 1984 style than it is right now. And
today POTUS is at Mount Rushmore attending a virus spewing festival dry
humping the American flag and setting off fireworks as his country burns.

John K Clark
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