[ExI] Famous Scientists saying Racist Things

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Sun Jul 5 14:56:45 UTC 2020

It's a Russian Jewish thing from the Tsarist era.  With a uppercase "P". 
  Related to persecution / pogroms.  If your question wasn't rhetorical, 
maybe you don't want to know?  If you do want to, look up "Pale of 
Settlement" established by Catherine the "Great".

You'd be surprised/depressed at how many common expressions have their 
roots in racism, repression and persecution.  I never use "beyond the 
pale" for this reason.  To avoid such mistakes and short circuits in 
thinking, I am always guided by George Orwell's wonderful essay, 
"Politics and the English Language".


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> well, that's well beyond the pale (and who knows the
> meaning of 'pale'?)
> bill w

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