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>.BillK, I hear that Leicester kept their pubs closed as most of UK opened
theirs yesterday:




>.This can provide perhaps the most valuable test cases available anywhere
on the planet.spike




Looks like the colonies will get some useful test data too:




Speculation: there are always people on every extreme (there are more than
two extremes in every question.)  In the covid question, there are those who
miss the party life at the bar so much they are willing to risk catching and
even spreading covid in order to get back to that.  That is life to a
segment of modern society.  I am not among them, for I don't do the party
life and I damn sure aren't willing to risk spreading covid to someone it
might kill.


>From what I hear, the party crowd is a mixed bag on mask/no mask.  I don't
really see how one could drink and seduce while wearing one, but I am not an
authority on this.  I defer to my superiors on these matters.


There was a prominent researcher (from UK as I recall) who commented way
back in early February that covid could not be stopped by science, by
government, by anything less than some degree of herd immunity.  For this he
was repudiated and ostracized.  He is looking more right all the time.
Well, if so, the British pub crowd will demonstrate it for us, by comparing
what happens in Leicester with surrounding cities.



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