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>...No, Leicester is not a good test case. The whole city went back into lockdown because they had a big spike in Covid-19 cases and they are currently the worst in the country for infections.

>...Best to watch the rest of the cities in England for varying rates of infections. Some were partying much more than others. The police have complained that crowds of drunks are ignoring social distancing.
What a surprise!  :)

>...But certainly reopening businesses has to be done as soon as possible.
Protect those especially at risk, but most of the population should be able to fight off infections, with help if needed.



Cool thanks for that BillK.  I am not up to speed on the details of British cities.

Crowds of drunks ignoring social distancing: we have crowds of sober rioters committing felony larceny and arson.  With that in the background, enforcing social distancing recommendations is hopeless.

It is interesting to go back and see who wrote what in about late January or early February, when we were hearing of covid for the first time.  There were those who predicted correctly that you can delay it, flatten the curve so that hospitals can handle the load and so on, but doing so would have enormous cost including loss of life from suicide and other social pathologies.

I understand the reasoning of those who argue they might as well catch covid now, probably fight it off, develop immunity and get on with their lives without fear.  People want their lives back.  For some, a life in isolation is no life at all.


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