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> Even if we have no intention of producing biological offspring, the
> Maurice set stirs us anyway.  Does it not?
> If we fully recognize the Maurice reaction is now an evolutionary dead
> end, or once had its purpose but now is a detriment… we still cannot switch
> that off.  Or if so, I don’t know how.
> Thoughts please?
Why would Maurice reaction be evolutionary dead end? Biological offspring
and the fertility requirement could be seen as enabling technology that was
not an end, but a means.

I suspect the propagation of memes supercedes genes and we are continuing
to ratchet up what is necessary to cause the Maurice reaction.  Even when
it was National Geographic bringing nudity from lands far enough from local
social customs... some infrastructure had to exist to make that possible.
Once the novelty of naked skin (even if differently pigmented) had
attenuated, the access technology continues.

So what is next-level to the cis+LGBTQ combinations/permutations of
parts-on-parts? Sapiosexuals being revved by Maurice reaction... driven by
the power to influence power.  Money is only a crude way to measure
influence.  Being able to decide how humans exist on earth... that's how
Pharaohs viewed their power.

What zero-sum principles check Pharoah's ability to affect change? The laws
of physics.  I am not sure how we can reasonably discuss the dynamics of
Kardashev II+ thinking (or Maurice reaction).  Maybe via EP we can compare
primordial humans to now and extrapolate.

If this post, this list, and all the supporting data (ownership, domain
info static, domain info dynamic, routing servers, etc) were compressed to
a bauble and tossed into the ocean like a message in a bottle for a
1e4/1e5/1e6 years... would it have enough sparkle to be picked up from
among all the other beach diamonds thrown towards the shore?

idk, at the finish this was not how I thought this post would go from the

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