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Imagine for the moment the students who grew up in this modern western environment, learning Spanish for the first time, with the gender-specific articles.  It must all seem sexist to them.  How can the Spanish teacher possibly explain how a gender specific article really isn’t what it clearly is?

>…I heard a NPR article discussing the de-gendering of "latina" and "latino" as English language words to describe Spanish language speakers. The proposed "latinx" seems to solve the problem …


>…It feels to me like cultural appropriation with the added insult that after stealing the word(s) we've then mangled them in such a way that they've lost an important part of the original meaning.


>…But I guess that's the intent of Newspeak.. in any language. 




Hey, now that you mention it, how the heck do we figure that learning another language is not a form of cultural appropriation?  We have California universities not just ALLOWING but REQUIRING cultural appropriation, which is a form of racism.  Add this the sin of allowing a fulfillment of that requirement a SEXIST language!


Clearly these Californians need some education in basic equality.



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