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> Imagine for the moment the students who grew up in this modern western
> environment, learning Spanish for the first time, with the gender-specific
> articles.  It must all seem sexist to them.  How can the Spanish teacher
> possibly explain how a gender specific article really isn’t what it clearly
> is?
I heard a NPR article discussing the de-gendering of "latina" and "latino"
as English language words to describe Spanish language speakers. The
proposed "latinx" seems to solve the problem in writing, but nobody knows
how to pronounce that abomination. Saying "la-teen-ecks" seems to honor the
Spanish pronunciation up to the harshly neutering "ecks" which should have
a "sh" sound as in Xel-ha (my limited experience with Mexican words)
Though, it might have another sound in Castillian Spanish or whatever
dialect of Spanish is spoken South America.

It feels to me like cultural appropriation with the added insult that after
stealing the word(s) we've then mangled them in such a way that they've
lost an important part of the original meaning.

But I guess that's the intent of Newspeak.. in any language.

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