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> If we fully recognize the Maurice reaction is now an evolutionary dead 
> end,  or once had its purpose but now is a detriment. we still cannot
switch that off.  Or if so, I don't know how.

> Thoughts please?

I think you are utterly wrong.  What you are talking about is
sexual/attraction.drive.  It's not obsolete.  The generation that edits it
out would be the last generation.  The people who don't have it, and I have
known quite a few, do not contribute genes to the next generation.


Hi Keith, agree we don't want to switch off drive to breed, only the current
stone-age evolved Maurice set, which is our drive to seek out
characteristics no longer needed under current conditions.  The fact that we
are turned on by characteristics related to faster reproduction (now useless
(it is no longer a race to breed armies)) and ability to physically drive
off raiders (now useless (we have machines for that)) rather than primarily
by intelligence is now humanity's barrier to a better future.  What was once
a stepping stone is now a stumbling block.

 Our stone-age evolved psychological traits are preventing humans from
evolving into those bulbous-headed creatures who rebuilt Kirk in the
original Star Trek pilot.  The problem is that once we are collectively
aware of our Maurice reactions and where they came from and that we no
longer need those, we cannot turn them off.


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