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>  any place anywher.e on the globe which creates a system dependent on mass transit in which social isolation is impractical or impossible will be inherently vulnerable to viruses.  


South Korea is a counterexample which proves your thesis is wrong. 


John K Clark





Asian people may have a higher natural resistance, just as Swedish native populations have a higher natural resistance to a lot of stuff that tears up native American populations.


If they do, it makes sense to me.  China in general seems to be ground zero for a lot of trans-species viruses, such as covid-19 and the virus which caused the 1918 pandemic.  If Asia has been getting those for centuries, it stands to reason that they might have a higher natural immunity.


Either way, those subways and planes are always going to provide an ideal vector for viruses.  There is no practical way I can see to socially isolate on a plane.  Everyone on board breathes everyone else’s air.  Subways and buses may be even worse because they pack them tighter.



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